SAFE was established to combine the strengths of the public and private sectors in the community to provide alcohol and drug prevention services.


Life Skills Training

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Drug Reclamation Day

SAFE Glen Cove Coalition

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This organization is the only certified substance abuse prevention agency in Glen Cove, emphasizing substance abuse intervention and education.

SAFE continues to provide exceptionally high quality prevention programs in Glen Cove. It firmly believes in coordinating, communicating and cooperating with the agencies in all programs it develops. SAFE utilizes its organizational skills to facilitate the efforts, energies and ideas of community groups.  It will continue its efforts as long as the need exists.

SAFE, Inc. is a not for profit organization that was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 prevention agency in 1982. SAFE does not charge a fee for its services. Additional funding is sought through grant writing, private donation, local government and fund raising.


Please take a moment to take our brief, anonymous 10-question survey. The SAFE Glen Cove Coalition created the survey to determine whether or not residents of Glen Cove would like mental health and substance abuse counseling services in the City, especially for youth between the ages of 5-17. The survey will be used as a means to apply for funding for these services. Thank you for taking the time to participate!

SAFE Glen Cove Coalition Survey

Upcoming Events & Programs

September 16-January 13, 2017Middle School Life Skills Training
This is a 16-week program aimed to educate youth on life skills needed to decrease the risk of later substance use. Life Skills is an evidence-based program that reduces tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use.

Offered every Monday, Finley Middle School

Group 1: 4:10-5:10 p.m.
Group 2: 5:10-6:10 p.m.

Please contact SAFE for more information.

February 6-February 10, 2017National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) is a national health observance for teens to promote local events that use NIDA science to SHATTER THE MYTH about drugs. This year Glen Cove High School students will learn about drug trends, addiction and resources available to teens. Students will learn the facts related to opiate use, e-cigarettes and other drugs of choice.
Glen Cove High School

March 2, 2017Junior Class Pre-Prom Presentation
The SAFE Glen Cove School Committee and the Glen Cove Police Department have partnered to deliver SAFE’s annual junior class pre-prom presentation. Students will learn about Social Host Law and ways to say safe during the prom season.
Glen Cove High School Auditorium 8:23am- 9:57

May 30, 2017Opiate Evolution to the Perfect Storm
The SAFE Glen Cove School Committee and the Nassau Police Department have partnered to deliver SAFE’s annual senior class pre-prom presentation. Detective Pamela Stark will educate students on the opiate/heroin epidemic. Students will learn about drug trends and resources available.
Glen Cove High School Auditorium 8:23 a.m. – 9:57 a.m.