2015 Accomplishments



  • 4 board members participated in Red Ribbon Week presentations
  • All Board members participated at Family Awareness Day
  • 7 Board members participated in Coalition Strategic Planning Sessions
  • 7 Board members participate on the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition Committees


  • Staff received Training Certificate from Botvin Life Skills Training (LST) Institute


  • Crisis Support funds secured in 2015 for 2016 to serve residents in need of food cards and at-risk children in need of after school enrichment sponsorship
  • SAFE receives a permanent COLA increase from Nassau County


  • The Community Walk In Program: has seen an increase from 99 in 2014 to 87 in 2015
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP): continues to serve between 50-70 employees per year. In 2015, 55 employees were served
  • Life Skills Training Program (LST): Parent Program, 36 served and Student Program, 97 served
  • 3 Gambling Prevention Workshops: to 100 residents conducted at Glen Cove Kiwanis meeting, the Glen Cove Senior Center and Parent LST Program


The Coalition has sustained and implemented the following:

  • GCPD: 20 Project 21 Enforcement Sweeps, 3 Businesses cited for selling to underage, 9 Prevention Education Workshops delivered, 2 Drug Take Back Events, 4 Open Air alcohol and substance abuse patrol  (yielding 2 arrests and 8 summonses)
  • Red Ribbon Week: 2186 students and staff participated
  • National Drug Facts Week: 600 MS and HS students served
  • and Sr. Pre Prom Presentations: to educate on Social Host Law and “Opiate Evolution to the Perfect Storm” in conjunction with Nassau County Police Department, 165 students served
  • Student Athlete Leadership Training: 6 students and 1 adult; 1 conference/training on how to implement peer prevention training; 3 trainings to younger classes
  • Lock Up Your Meds Opiate Prevention presentation: to Glen Cove Senior Center members and bi-lingual presentation to parents who participate in SAFE’s Life Skills Training Program, 60 people served
  • Shed the Med’s/Drug Take Back Day: offered two times a year in conjunction with the Glen Cove Mayor’s Office, Glen Cove Police Department and Glen Cove EMS. 350 lbs of unwanted prescription medication/syringes collected
  • SAFE Homes: 50 new families enrolled
  • SAFE Downtown: via Downtown sounds July and Aug; 850 attended
  • SAFE Rides Cards: 500 distributed
  • Family Awareness Day: 350 residents served
  • National Guard prevention education: 6 workshops, 158 students served
  • Great American Smoke Out: 150 students served
  • Kick Butts Day: 300 students sent letters to editor of the Gold Coast Gazette to inform the community about Tobacco marketing and its impact on the City
  • Coalition members: sent out support letters for the FDA to take action in regulating all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and cigars despite pressure to exempt some tobacco products to the Federal Drug Administration. Coalition members also signed a petition to support FDA regulation on all tobacco products.
  • Glen Cove Police Department’s annual National Night Out: over 150 residents received prevention literature
  • Coalition Strategic Planning: and SWOT Analysis conducted to identify unmet community needs/resources


City Council acknowledges SAFE; On April 28th, Glen Cove Patch featured an article recognizing Glen Cove as one of the safest cities in America. Safewise, a community-focused security organization that researches community safety, placed Glen Cove in the top 100 because: “Relatively diverse, Glen Cove takes the health and safety of its residents seriously. Glen Cove supports “S.A.F.E.” (Substance Abuse Free Environment), a community organization that works with other nonprofits, city government, and local businesses to eliminate alcohol and substance abuse.”