2017 Accomplishments



  • 2 board members participated in Red Ribbon Week presentations
  • 3 Board members participated at Family Awareness Day
  • 7 Board members participated in Coalition Strategic Planning Sessions
  • 7 Board members participate on the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition Committees
  • 4 Board members participated in 2 Shed the Med’s/Drug Take Back Day


  • Executive Director, LST Program Coordinator and Community Walk In Coordinator received NYS OASAS Problem Gambling Training


  • SAFE received an increase in Community Development Block Grant funds to support the Community Walk In program
  • The City of Glen Cove increased SAFE’s budget starting in 2018 to implement Opioid Prevention Campaign entitled “Keeping Glen Cove SAFE”


  • SAFE received donations from King Kullen, Rising Tide and individual donations


  • The Community Walk In Program: 99 individuals were served (As of December 1st)
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP): 53 employees were served (As of December 1st)
  • Life Skills Training Program (LST): 2017 Participants: Elementary 251, Middle School 165, Parents 35


  • The Coalition has sustained and implemented the following:
  • Coalition Members: Participated  on all four Coalition committees and attended events throughout the year; Participated in two Strategic Planning sessions to pursue “SAFE Youth and Family Counseling Center”
  • GCPD: Department continued to monitor retail non-compliance and underage drinking sales. This year 12 appearance tickets were issued for drug and alcohol offenses, 7 cases were referred to the State Liquor Authority for underage sales; Delivered 9 prevention education workshops
  • Red Ribbon Week: 2205 students and staff participated
  • National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week:  300 MS and HS students served. 180 Students participated in Michael’s Hope speaker’s presentation.
  • Jr. and Sr. Pre Prom Presentations:  Glen Cove Police Department and Nassau County Detective Pamela Stark to educate on Social Host Law and Opiate Prevention Program; 100 students from the junior class and 80 students from the senior class served
  • Student Athlete Leadership Training: 3 peer prevention trainings conducted by members of SALT time to middle school gym classes throughout the school year
  • Lock Up Your Meds Opiate Prevention presentation : to Glen Cove Senior Center members and bi-lingual presentation to parents who participate in SAFE’s Life Skills Training Program, 63 people served
  • Shed the Med’s/Drug Take Back Day: offered two times a year in conjunction with the Glen Cove Mayor’s Office, Glen Cove Police Department and Glen Cove EMS.  Over 500  lbs of unwanted prescription medication/syringes collected
  • SAFE Homes: 42 new families enrolled
  • SAFE Rides Cards: 508 distributed
  • Family Awareness Day: Over 200 residents served
  • Great American Smoke Out: Collaboration with the Tobacco Action Coalition of LI at GCHS, GCMS and GC After 3 Program; 250 students served
  • World No Tobacco Day, a new initiative: Collaboration with Tobacco Action Coalition of LI; 2 Presentations made to 75 MS students
  • Kick Butts Day: 93 students sent letters to editor of the Gold Coast Gazette to inform the community about Tobacco marketing and its impact on the City
  • Smoke Free Entryway Bans: Collaboration with the Tobacco Action Coalition; Implemented at City Hall, Glen Cove Senior Center, Living Water for Women
  • Glen Cove Police Department’s annual National Night Out: over 150 residents received prevention literature
  • Parent University: Bi-lingual Presentation made by GCPD on Social Host Law; Bi-lingual presentation made by local MentaL Health Counselor on domestic violence and substance abuse; Over 30 parents received the presentations