Pride Project

Statement of Mission

The SAFE Glen Cove Coalition (formerly known as the Glen Cove Pride Project Coalition) brings the Glen Cove community together to collaborate in eliminating alcohol and substance abuse among youth and adults.

The Coalition is funded and supported by the New York State Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), SAFE, the City of Glen Cove, Community Development Agency, community leaders and volunteers.

Goal and Objectives

Goal #1: To reduce substance abuse among the youth of our community on a sustained basis, and over time, and among adults.

Objective: Foster the development of year-round programs, services and experiences for youth to reduce idle time, which promotes high risk behavior that can lead to substance abuse.

Goal #2: Mobilize the community to address the negative impact of substance abuse.

Objective: Establish a sustainable outreach program and media campaign to increase awareness of youth drug and alcohol problems.

Goal #3: Increase efforts to address substance abuse problems in high-risk areas of the community.

Objective: Increase police services, including the establishment of a substance abuse referral program.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Coalition will be to develop a sustainable group of community members and leaders into a credible think tank, which will become a household name in Glen Cove. As a result of this sustainable Coalition leadership, and with the support and collaboration with community organizations, the environment in Glen Cove will be considerably safer than it was 5 years ago. Abuse of alcohol and drugs will be significantly reduced and there will be numerous drug-free zones throughout the City.

Values Statement

The Coalition will strive in our interaction with the community to be a true collaborative effort for everyone. The mission and vision is accomplished with objectiveness, compassion, and flexibility. Confidentiality will be observed at all times through compliance with all applicable laws. We will base our work from knowledge of the field, community surveys, and direct experiences. We will also reach out to community-based agencies to foster their efforts and to avoid duplication of services.