The goals and objectives of the SAFE Glen Cove Coalition draw on a community-wide approach to change community norms, values, and policies about alcohol and substance abuse that foster consistent standards for behavior and the need for prevention. The coalition’s leadership and involvement will lead to long-term change as programs and strategies are integrated, into the services and activities of all participating local organizations and institutions.

The Target population to be served will be: All youth who are at risk of becoming substance abusers and their parents and the Glen Cove community at large.

Community Committee: Serves as a think tank to examine needs assessment data and make recommendations; Implement media campaigns regarding underage binge drinking, enforcement of underage drinking laws and social host law; Implement City Prevention Mission Statement, “SAFE Homes” and “SAFE Downtown/SAFE Glen Cove”; Act as Steering Committee for the development of the Glen Cove PRIDE Foundation.

Parent Committee: Acts as a bi-lingual parent resource for prevention, education, intervention, and research on alcohol and drug abuse; Serve as Liaison with the PTA Council; Participate in assessing and analyzing root causes of substance abuse problems in the community; Help develop, promote and attend the following Coalition activities and events: Town Hall, Parent University; Red Ribbon Week, National Night Out, Downtown Sounds, International Night, Back to School Night, SAFE Rides, SAFE Homes.

School Committee: Utilizes the prevention needs assessment data to identify, to provide Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs (ATOD) prevention activities, and programs for youth; Expand and enhance Health Education curriculum to address needs assessment data; Enforce District’s Tobacco Policy and drug-free school zones; Utilize Teens-As-Teachers/SALT programs to facilitate and implement coalition prevention activities throughout the district; Collaborate with the Youth Committee on shared coalition initiatives to ensure full community participation; Participate in assessing and analyzing root causes of substance abuse problems in the community.

Youth Committee: Utilizes needs assessment data to identify and provide prevention activities and programs for youth; Participates in planning activities for youth that help to reduce youth drug and alcohol use.