SAFE Homes Campaign

The SAFE Homes campaign is a Community Committee initiative. The campaign is designed to eliminate substance abuse from Glen Cove homes and raise awareness about underage alcohol and drug use. Each participant receives a SAFE Homes window cling to display on the front of their home to show their support of the SAFE Homes pledge.  Just as important as the pledge is the opportunity it provides parents in Glen Cove – to speak as a family about the important issues of drugs and alcohol.  This pledge encourages families to talk about their expectations regarding drug and alcohol use and allows for open communication, something that is key when discussing a potentially life-threatening topic.

The Downtown Business Improvement District is an active member of the Coalition along with eleven other community sectors. In their continued dedication to protecting Glen Cove youth from the dangers of underage drinking, the Glen Cove Business Improvement District has adopted an initiative called “SAFE Downtown.”